Peep some of the hottest, coolest pimped out whips in the game right now, bubble impalas, old school donks on big 30" inch chrome rims and more.

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This her is one mean Chevy Monte Carlo wht the huge chrome 30 inch rims the fly lambo doors and a hot two tone paint job. It was all polish up and catching everyone ey at the who. Those 30 chrome rims made the ride sit right!

Old school donk that was also two tone I would prefer the chrome rims to pimp this ride out but the black was straight too. All it needed was a thick chic is to set the scene for a nice photo shoot. Whose ever pimped out ride this belongs to is sho nuff doing it big.
Ooh $h@t this Mr. GoodBar ride was crazy. It kinda reminds me of that pimped out mcdonalds whip that had the same kind of colorful matching rims. It was hot for that that love the themed cars that all cordinated. Do ya thang big baller.
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This donk rides picture says it all. The ride was serious with the showcase shine and mint condition. This ride was hot! It may not be tricked out enough for many of you but I just love the old school donks better than the new stuff. Just something about that old school cars with the big rims.
The barbe box hi-riser was too cute for me but I assume that it was a sexy chic that owned it. This ride was straight and had a few femal hating at the hip-hop car show in Charlotte. I tried to find the girl that owned this pimped out ride but I never found her at the car show.
Man this bubble is HOT! If you don't click on any other cars pleas check out the larger version of the pimped out bubble high-riser. I love the way this ride was hooked up with that "tatted-up" on the side. This something to fix up your myspace page right here!

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